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About Us

Ōkami Knives is a company created up by a couple of friends who share a passion for food, cooking, kitchen knives and Japan. We have been working together for a long time in order to bring a professional, high quality and at the same time affordable range of kitchen knives to the market that deliver a number of key benefits.

- Elegance: beautiful design with dark pakka wood handle

- Light and balanced: VG10 steel is an excellent kitchen steel, very hard and at the same time very light.

- Super Sharp thanks to an extremely acute edge; 8 degree angle per side against 20 degrees for most traditional knives.

- High-Quality but low maintenance steel that holds the edge very well. Hone your knife with a ceramic rod once every 2 weeks and you won’t need to sharpen it for months

- Ideal Gift: our premium magnetic packaging is designed to impress and delight the receiver. 

For us a knife is more than just a tool. Of course it has to perform its duty flawlessly but it should at the same time provide pleasure and pride to its user, help him to be in the present, in the moment and enjoy fully the act of creation that is cooking.

This is why we use noble materials like VG10 Super Steel from Japan or Pakka Wood from Spain to design and craft beautiful pieces of cutlery, combining elegance and performance.

We believe that our work doesn't end there. The packaging is also part of the experience. We are aware that high quality knives are fantastic gifts so we designed our packaging with that in mind. You will make an impression!

More importantly we take pride in our customer service. An Ōkami Knives customer doesn't need to worry. We offer a 60 day no-hassle money back guarantee and are always available to answer any question or concern.

Our Headquarter is in Hong Kong.

Suite C, 2/F, On Lok Mansion
39 - 43 Hollywood Road
Hong Kong