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If you had to chose ONE kitchen knife to take with you on a deserted island we would recommend the Gyuto. It can do pretty much anything. A thin and sharp knife that will outperform its Western counterparts while reducing the effort needed.

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The Santoku or knife of 3 virtues is ideal for the Chinese cutting technique (Down-and-forward motion). Very precise and sharp it allows to cut super thin slices at record speed. In other words: FUN!

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SMALL and VERSATILE PARING KNIFE. The paring knife is ideal for the delicate tasks - cutting the cores out of apple quarters, removing eyes from potatoes, hulling strawberries etc. PREMIUM Japanese VG10 Stainless Steel, High-Carbon, Cobalt. High Quality 67 layers...

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Easily and quickly sharpen all your knives and tools with one easy and fun to use product. Solinge's founder spent years working with Blacksmith's Chef's, Hunters, Survivalists, testing existing sharpeners and experimenting in his workshop to finally create his unique...

Line of Japanese Kitchen Knives, with a 67 Layers Damascus Blade made of Japanese Supersteel (VG10) and featuring a Dark Pakkawood Handle. Tomodachi means friend in Japanese because we believe our knives will become your best friends in the kitchen.